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Rev. Basil Yarde

Rev. Basil and Marion Yarde

Basil Yarde is the Senior Elder at Final Thrust Kingdom Community and Director of Church Relations at Salem Media Group Boston.

As the founder, his vision and leadership have helped shape Final Thrust into a Kingdom Community that models the lifestyle or culture of the Kingdom of God and helps other churches to do the same.  As Director of Church Relations, he again serves churches and pastors in many ways including Church Growth.


He holds a 3-year Diploma in Theology from the West Indies School of Theology and a BA and MA in Practical Ministry from Wagner University.


An excellent gospel singer, Basil has recorded 4 CDs of Gospel Music to encourage the faith of believers.  These can be purchased on Spotify or CD Babe.


Pastor Basil and his wife Marion live in Quincy MA with their two sons, Basil Jr and Brandon, and their families.

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My Story

In my early years, I struggled to share the Gospel effectively despite a Pastor's emphasis on soul-winning. Even with a theology diploma, there was a lack of practical guidance in Bible school. Serving as a Pastor and Evangelist, I urged congregations to share the Gospel without teaching them how. In 1988, training from Dr. D. James Kennedy changed everything, providing practical tools for person-to-person evangelism. Since then, I've trained believers globally, equipped to fulfill the Great Commission before the Lord's return.

I believe God's mission to fill the earth with men and women in His image and likeness has not changed. We have the privilege of yielding ourselves to God to reconcile lost souls unto Himself. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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