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Who We Are

We are called to serve other churches. Our Making Disciples Workshop along with other trainings such as the Marriage, Parenting, and Finance workshops have become springboards for mobilizing, motivating, equipping, and activating believers to make a final thrust into the Lord's end time harvest.

Our language is love, and we transmit that through one simple but powerful question:

how can we serve you?

We believe every Christian must be about the Lord's business - learning how to be a fruitful disciple and teaching others to do same.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Cultivating a finishing mentality within the Body of Christ, leading people to help complete the Great Commission by Mobilizing, Motivating, Equipping, and Activating believers to make disciples for Jesus Christ.


Our Vision

Millions of Churches and Christians report their inadequacy to share the gospel of Christ and make disciples effectively in the daily context of their lives despite knowing and understanding that they are called to so.

Our goal is to help train them to turn everyday conversations into witnessing situations and become better equipped to disciple people for Christ.

We're a church on a mission.

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